Computer Repairs Bournemouth

Computer Repairs Bournemouth

Computer Repairs Bournemouth

Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and surrounding...
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Monday - Sunday 9:00am - 8:00pm

Welcome to Technomagic Ltd

We provide a comprehensive range of on-site PC and Laptop support services to meet all your computing needs whether you're a basic home user or a business.

We realise that there's a lot of competition out there but we feel we are different in the following important areas:Computer Repairs Burnemouth

  1. We are available Evenings and Weekends
    Don't worry about having to arrange to take time off work. We'll visit you when it suits YOU!

  2. We provide a full quote before we start a job
    We'll quote a price based on how long we think the job will take at a rate of £25+VAT / hour. This will be the maximum you will pay. If we finish earlier than the estimated time (which does happen!!) we will reduce your payment accordingly.Computeepairs Bournemouth

  3. We take your problems personally
    We treat your machine as we would our own. We will do whatever it takes to get your computing environment back to full fitness in as short a time as possible.Computer Repairs Bournemouth

  4. We offer remote maintenance
    On our first visit we will, if you wish, install a remote desktop service on your machine. This means that as long as your broadband internet connection is functioning correctly we can connect to and attempt to fix your machine without having to call to your house. Not all problems can be fixed this way, but those that can will be fixed more quickly. Computer Repairs Bournemouth

  5. No extra charges for weekend work
    We know that your equipment can play up at the weekend just as it can during the week. Although we're not officially on call during the weekend we can normally help you non the less, and we won't charge extortionate rates for the privilege either. We still work to our £25 / hour rate as described above. Computer Repairs Bournemouth

Computer Repairs Bournemouth

Computer Repairs Bournemouth

Computer Repairs Bournemouth


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Computer Repairs Bournemouth Computer Repairs Bournemouth Computer Repairs Bournemouth